GIS Capabilities

Google Earth Integration: developing web services that stream GIS data in KML format directly to Google Earth.

Virtual Earth Integration: Virtual Earth provides an accurate digital representation of the Earth. Agencies and other organizations can layer their unique data on top of Virtual Earth, allowing them to focus on their core missions instead of creating base map data.

oCustomised GIS Application Development: JKM is capable of
developing customized tool on any application specific to the user requirements using COM components and .Net, Java, Php and C# programming.

oOGC Compliant Application Development: JKM is capable of
developing OGC compliance applications which provides an open, vendor-neutral framework. It allows profiles that support proper subsets of GML framework descriptive capabilities and support the description of geospatial application schemas for specialized Also Provides OGC compliant COTS software.

oEnterprise Data Modeling: By using this concept, corporate data can be indexed, shared and accessed/ edited and queried from anywhere in the enterprise. The entire organization can thus benefit from the spatial enabling of the data. This is not to imply that the data exists in one physical location. JKM provides GIS integrated Enterprise wide solution for Data Warehousing and Mining.

oGeo-portal Development: This includes Authoring a Map
Configuration File, Starting a Map-Service and Designing the Web Site.