Functional Area Covered

The proposed Land Management Information System (LAMS) shall focus on the land management aspects of the following functional areas:
· Information System on Land Acquisition/ Alienation Monitoring & Control

· Information System on Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) Activities

· Information System on Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Activities

· Document Management System Functionalities

Functionaries in the Land Section are the primary users of the proposed Land Management Information System. Besides, the system shall also be used by the IT Section, Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) section, Corporate Social Rehabilitation (CSR) section and Utility Services departments. A brief description of the primary interest of different functional sections is as follows.

Land Section: To monitor the land acquisition/ alienation processes,
identify the gap areas, implement remedial measures. To assist the project engineering team in coordinating the Land Acquisition plan with the project engineering plan. Following-up in the Govt. to accelerate the Land Acquisition/ Alienation processes. Tracking of Award Compensation/ Payment for the private / Govt. and forest land.
Keeping Record of Financial transactions. Use the above as a Estate Information System in future R&R Section: Tracking of village wise project affected families (PAF)/ project displaced families (PDF). Tracking of compensation in lieu of land as per the R&R policy of Govt. Relocation of the displaced families in the R&R colony CSR Section: Planning and Implementation of CSR activities in the Project affected/ periphery villages. Keeping track of the Activities/ Beneficiaries /Financial.